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ANAC is the abbreviation for ANAlysis Compared. Through its expertise, Total provides a full range of lube oil analysis adapted for any automotive and industrial application. From a simple oil sampling, TOTAL ANAC establishes a thorough diagnosis of all mechanical parts (engine, transmissions, hydraulics) of your equipment without disassembly constraint.

ANAC is Total's corporate lube oil analysis and diagnosis system. ANAC is a range of dedicated fluid analysis routines, adapted for any automotive and industrial application.

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A Worldwide solution

TOTAL affiliates worldwide can access to the service by the ANAC WEBLINK concept. This concept allows local laboratories to perform oil testing according to Anac lab specifications and norms, under stringent control by the ANAC central office. The Weblink labs access to the ANAC database and IT system for the management of administrative data and the upload of analysis results. The ANAC database executes the diagnosis, generates and dispatches analysis reports and makes the results available to customers on the secured website.

Currently, the ANAC offers its oil testing analysis in:USA, Guatemala, Mexico, Australia, Singapore, India, China, Morocco, Dubai, Senegal, Cameroun, Ghana, Burkina Faso, RD Congo, Kenya, Mauritius.

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