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ANAC is the abbreviation for ANAlysis Compared. Through its expertise, Total provides a full range of lube oil analysis adapted for any automotive and industrial application. From a simple oil sampling, TOTAL ANAC establishes a thorough diagnosis of all mechanical parts (engine, transmissions, hydraulics) of your equipment without disassembly constraint. 

ANAC (abbreviation for ANAlysis Compared) is Total's corporate lube oil analysis and diagnosis system. ANAC is a range of dedicated fluid analysis routines, adapted for any automotive and industrial application. 

  • For Automotive: on calculated wear limits for every automotive component part (engine oil analysis, gearbox oil analysis, axle oil analysis, hydraulic oil analysis, synthetic oil analysis, cooling liquid analysis, and more.) and fluid (oil and coolants) characteristics.
  • For Industry: specific condemning limits for all Total Industrial oils, taking into account the oil characteristics (oil viscosity, oil contamination…), additivities and application. 

An extended range of lube oil DIAGNOsis services dedicated to the activity: 

  • Automotive: Public works/mining, transport of freight or passengers, truck retailers, agriculture, inland marine. 
  • Industry: Automotive manufacturing, aviation, chemical, cement, energy production, food, metalworking, paper, steel industry, textiles, wood